Maximize Energy Efficiency in Your New Custom Home

Energy-efficient homes and appliances are gaining traction as technology advances and the need for sustainability grows. For coastal homeowners, energy-efficient appliances and home improvements increase your property’s value while being environmentally friendly. Energy-efficient homes are proven to increase comfort, value, ​and ​cost savings. Discover the essential checklist for maximizing energy efficiency in your coastal home.

Air Filters and HVAC Systems

If your coastal home is near a beach, you are no stranger to the salt and sand particles that find their way onto your floors. Like your floors, the moisture in the air of your beach environment consists of salt and sand due to ocean winds. Utilizing air filters or air purifiers throughout your home will assist in removing the salt and sand particles in the air. Long-term exposure to salt and sand particles will cause damage to your HVAC system and indoor surfaces, affecting consistent air flow and quality. In addition to reducing the risk of damage to your HVAC system, air filters and purifiers assist in removing dust, aid in allergy relief, and improve overall air quality.

Smart Thermostats

Often, coastal homes are vacation homes for families. If you or your family are not living in your coastal home full-time, consider getting a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are energy efficient and allow you to change your home’s temperature from your smartphone’s thermostat app. This means you can conveniently change a smart thermostat setting ​from ​anywhere, saving energy and cost. You can even track the weather ahead of time and adjust your home’s temperature according to the season. For efficiency and organization, ​many of these ​apps offer time settings which allow you to change your home temperature throughout the day using a set timer.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems are great for coastal homes as they significantly reduce energy consumption in your home. Like smart thermostats, you can control smart lighting through an app on your smartphone. Smart lighting allows personalization through dimming and color-changing settings so you can adjust your lights to get the perfect aesthetic you want to achieve in your coastal home while​ also​ reducing your energy consumption. This is perfect for hosting gatherings and for ​turning lights on and off while you are away. ​Smart lighting also lasts longer compared to standard incandescent bulbs.

Energy-E​​fficient Appliances​

Most appliance manufacturers like Frigidaire Appliances, Maytag Appliances, and KitchenAid Appliances all offer energy-efficient appliances for your home. Look for Energy Star certified manufacturers, showing they promote energy efficiency and have energy efficient devices. Common energy-efficient appliances found in homes are

    • Dishwashers
    • Heat pumps
    • Refrigerators
    • Washers
    • Water Heaters
    • Smart Thermostats

Choosing energy-efficient appliances can lead to significant long-term savings. Moreover, these appliances can boost the value of your home and contribute to a greener environment.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Spaces

Opt for solar lights to make your coastal outdoor living space energy efficient. Not only do these elevate your outdoor coastal living space, but they rely on energy from the sun to turn on. Another lighting option is motion sensor lighting. These lights only turn on when motion is detected. This is perfect for coastal homeowners who may be gone for long periods and only need their lights to turn on when a form of movement is present.

If you like the aesthetic of flowers and plants, find the best options that thrive in coastal environments and require little watering for growth. Also, consider plants and flowers that can withstand the salty air. Designing your outdoor cooking area using propane or natural gas instead of electricity is another energy-efficient outdoor option. Finding the best energy-efficient outdoor appliances for grills and stovetops will make your coastal outdoor area environmentally friendly and the perfect entertaining friends and family.

Water Pumps

Energy-efficient water pumps like centrifugal pumps help reduce your home’s energy consumption. These water pumps use Variable Speed Drive technology (VSD) to change the water pump’s pressure and water flow to meet necessary demands. The water pump motor speed can adjust to the amount of water flow, saving significant energy. The average water pump does not have an adjustable motor speed. Instead, it uses a constant speed regardless of whether the water demand is low or high. Water demand fluctuates, and using a Variable Speed Drive water pump will ensure the pumps aren’t overworking, using more energy. Energy-efficient water pumps are great for both indoor and outdoor needs.

Energy Efficient Pools

If your coastal home has a pool, programming a variable-speed pool pump is a great way to make your pool energy efficient. These pumps adjust the motor speed to the water circulation needs of the pool. You can also get an energy-efficient pool heater, which warms the pool by taking heat from the air and ground. This is a great option instead of purchasing a pool heater. ​Also, ​​during​​​ the warmer seasons, pool covers reduce the pool’s overall temperature, reducing evaporation and the ​amount ​of debris entering the filtration system

To increase your pool​’​s design and coastal aesthetic, LED pool lighting is ​also ​becoming popular. It consumes less energy, lasts longer, and provides customization by changing the light colors. LED pool lighting is perfect for those who enjoy hosting gatherings and want to achieve an aesthetic with personalized lighting. You can control the LED light pool setting through a remote control, depending on the brand you purchase. This makes changing the lighting easily accessible at any time.

Designing Energy-Efficient Coastal Homes with Nally Homes

When building your coastal dream home, you should consider implementing energy-efficient practices and appliances. Having an energy-efficient home will elevate your custom coastal home to ensure its longevity and sustainability. Energy efficient homes are designed to lower energy consumption, decrease your costs and increase your home’s value. Contact the Nally Homes team today to start your energy-efficient coastal construction project.

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