Luxury Coastal Home Pre-Construction Checklist

During the pre-construction phase of building your luxury coastal home, the custom home builder you have selected will review every detail of your project, from the new home design to a construction estimate. Ideally, your custom home builder will meet with you one-on-one to review the estimate and ensure all parties are in alignment before the construction of your dream home begins. Immerse yourself in this complete pre-construction guide to discover an effective process for launching your new home project. 

Review & Planning: When starting the pre-construction phase of your coastal custom home, the builder will double-check that you have accounted for all costs, expenses, and contingencies during the design phase. Prepping ahead of time will prevent financial surprises later in the construction process. 

Pre-Construction Timeline: At this time, the builder will develop a realistic and detailed timeline outlining all the steps of the pre-construction phase needed for your custom home project, considering the city/county and HOA requirements and approvals. A pre-construction timeline will give you and the builder an organized set of goals and milestones to achieve throughout the process, providing transparency and holding the builder accountable. 

Selections Schedule & Interior Design: It is crucial to nail down a selections schedule during the pre-construction phase of your custom home-building process to determine what selections will be needed prior to breaking ground, and decisions on remaining selections need to be made during the construction process. Decisions about selections can impact early phases of the construction process, such as the structural foundation, electrical plan, and plumbing groundwork. The builder will create a detailed selections schedule and guide you through this process with their internal selections team or assist you in finding the right interior designer for your vision. Established custom home builders will have a network of experienced interior designers who can work closely with you and the builder to create a customized vision for your coastal home.  

Construction Schedule: Like the pre-construction timeline, a construction schedule allows for increased transparency between you and the builder, as well as the network of professionals and subcontractors working to make your vision a reality. This schedule should include room for potential issues such as lead time for selections or inclement weather. The builder will consider the likelihood of delay due to snowstorms, freezing temperatures, flooding, or other weather during the season when construction is set to occur. Organizing and planning the construction phases ahead of time will make your new home construction project flow as seamlessly as possible. 

Effective Communication: Effective communication throughout the pre-consultation process is vital for kicking off construction on the right foot and ensuring efficiency throughout construction. This is why experienced builders like Nally Homes will have dedicated professionals as your single point of contact to ensure the timelines and schedules are adhered to. 

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